About JB

About Joaquim Batica

Joaquim Batica founded his own company (B.C Football Agency) in 2007, after getting his license in 2006. He has a team of collaborators working in France, Costa Rica, and Mexico that contributes to the company’s growth in areas such as players’ scouting and taxation, marketing and social media, among others.

Joaquim Batica was born in Paris.  From a young age Joaquim fell in love with the game of football and to this day he is still passionate for the game. This led him to work hard to achieve his dream of becoming a French Football Association Licensed Agent. During this time he has built a strong team in which he leads the strategy and direction in supporting JB’s clients in any way required and ensures that every deal and transaction is first and foremost for the good of that player.  Graduating from INSEEC Bordeaux business school achieving a master’s degree he used between terms to visit Brazil, Spain,  and USA (summer session in UCLA) in order to develop his language skills and get closer to football on a more international stage. He is now fluent in four languages; French, Portuguese, Spanish and English.  In addition to this Joaquim also have basic Italian language skills.

Joaquim has built a strong international network over the years and has conducted major deals on behalf of his clients across the globe with some of the biggest clubs in the world. On behalf of the Player Joaquim will conduct contract negotiations to ensure the best deal is achieved for the Player. Joaquim is committed to detail in negotiations and creative in its solutions at all levels of negotiations and has experience of top level Premier League contracts, yet applies these principles to all contract negotiations no matter what the league or what stage the Player is at in his career. In other words, no matter where the Player finds himself he will have high level experience going into his contract negotiations.

Joaquim covers the management of transfers on behalf of a player. Joaquim’s team is experienced in all levels of transfers from free transfers to multi million pound deals. Joaquim’s key objective is always to make sure the transaction is handled in the most professional manner with the Player kept completely up to speed with all matters relating to his transfer.