About JB


Joaquim Batica is a highly successful French Football Association Licensed Agent. Joaquim has produced a set of key aims and objectives that we use to guide the way we do business.

We feel strongly that all football players deserve the chance to make the most of their talent, regardless of their background or nationality. We ensure that none of our clients are exploited in any way and that every deal and transaction should be first and foremost for the good of the player.

Fluent in four languages: English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese. In addition to this, he has basic Italian language skills.

Joaquim and his team strive to help players from developing nations who would not normally have access to professional representation.

After obtaining his Agent license, Joaquim created B.C Football Agency in 2007. He has collaborators helping the growth of his company,  in France, Costa Rica, and Mexico. These collaborators work in sectors ranging from player scouting, image development, social networks, and taxation, among others.

Joaquim Batica was born in Paris. From an early age, Joaquim fell in love with football and to this day he is still passionate about this sport. This passion for football led him to work hard and achieve his dream of becoming an authorized Agent for the French Football Association. During this time, Joaquim has built a solid work team, of which he manages the strategy and direction to support his clients so that he assures that, above all, each negotiation and transaction is the best for the player.

Graduated from INSEEC Bordeaux business school, with a master’s degree that included trips to Brazil, Spain, and the USA (Summer Session at UCLA) where he learned and developed his language skills and also gave him the opportunity to approach the football landscape on an international level. Joaquim speaks four languages ​​fluently: French, Portuguese, Spanish, and English. In addition, he has a basic knowledge of Italian.

Over the years, Joaquim has built a strong international network and has carried out important operations on behalf of its clients around the world with some of the biggest clubs. On behalf of the player, Joaquim will conduct contract negotiations to ensure that the player receives the best offer. Joaquim is committed to look for the details in the negotiations and find creative solutions at all times of the negotiation. He has experience in high-level contracts in Premier Ligue, although he applies the same principles to any negotiation and contract, regardless of which league he is or at what level the player is in his career. In other words, no matter where the player is, Joaquim will offer the same level and quality of service.

Joaquim is responsible for managing transfers and negotiations on behalf of the player. His team has experience in all levels of transfers, from fee transfers to multi-million dollar operations. The main objective of Joaquim is that the negotiations are always managed in the most professional manner and at all times, keeping the player informed about everything related to his transfer.



Joaquim Batica with some of his clients: Joel Campbell signed with Club Leon FC, Mayron George with Valerenga, Kevin Rodrigues signed with CD Leganes,  Julen Cordero with Le Havre, Yeltsin Tejeda signed with CS Herediano, Melissa Herrera signed with Stade de Reims